Golden Horde

by Phalanx

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released January 26, 2020

Keir Gilchrist- Vocals
Sean Glaze- Vocals/Guitar
Josh Townsend- Vocals/Bass
Matt Zavorski- Drums

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Townsend Mastering


all rights reserved



Phalanx Los Angeles, California

Phalanx is a Los Angeles based death metal outfit that uses a three vocalist attack, blast-beats like stampeding hooves, and trudging army march riffs to write music about the history of warfare. Formed in 2017, they continue to play shows and release music today. Phalanx is: Keir Gilchrist (vocals), Sean Glaze (vocals/guitar), Josh Townsend (vocals/bass), and Matt Zavorski (drums). ... more

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Track Name: Sajo
Invading horde
War hungry Batu
Sheltered Cumans
Casus belli
False retreat
Bela gives chase
To the banks of Sajo
Sabutai lies in wait
Circled wagons
Captured bridge
Stones at dawn
The lines break
Driven back
Battered by siege engines
Panic sweeps
Soldiers trampled by comrades' feet
A single gap
Fleeting chance
Narrow path through a sea of mares
Mongol trap
Taken bait
Ridden down shot in the back
Magyar blood
Seeps into the soil
Spills into the Sajo
The horde spills forth
Track Name: Golden Horde
Golden Horde
Legitimate heirs
Succumb and perish
The great hordes
Splinter and fracture
Widowed forced to flee
In hiding the child is found
Return to the old ways
Subject all restore the khanate
Ride to the west
Conquer the Oirats
Tear meat with their teeth
Kneel to the presence of a Khan
Ming dynasty
Prepares for the worst
A shield of a wall
Stretching 10 000 miles
Track Name: Princess of Moonlight
Princess of moonlight
Master of quiver and bow
Man after man thrown to the earth
Kicking screaming
10 000 horses yet no suitor strong enough
You cannot win
Man after man thrown to the earth
Break ranks
Man after man thrown to the earth
Seize an enemy
Man after man thrown to the earth
As a hawk snatches a bird
Man after man thrown to the earth
Dragged back to her father
Mounted on a steed
Arrows loose
Armor is pierced
Crushed beneath hooves
Track Name: Goliath's Spring
Where can you flee?
What road will you use to escape us?
Our horses are swift
Our arrows sharp
Our swords like thunderbolts
Our hearts as hard as the mountains
Our soldiers as numerous as the sand
Your prayers to god will not avail against us
We are not moved my tears nor touched by lamentations
Warrior slaves
Last line of defense
Fight fire with fire
Feign retreat to the hills
Trapped in the crossfire
Ketbuqa's head cut from his shoulders
Illusion of
Shattered forever
Ain Jalut
Track Name: Baghdad
To pay tribute
Bend the knee
To open the gates
Bend the knee
To the fury of the Ilkhanate
Alamut laid to waste
Reinforcements uncalled
The Abbasid caliphate stands alone
Desperate cavalry charge
Flooded trapped filled with arrows
Siege engines
The walls of Baghdad collapse
Attempt to beg/barter far too late
Slaughtered Butchered
Blood and ink stain the banks of the Tigris
Track Name: Temüjin
Born with
A hand clasped
Around a blood clot
Born with
A destiny
From heaven on high
Descendent of the gray wolf
Cast out of the tribal home
Unleashed from the steppes
Unite the clans
Crush loyalty
Eyes of fire
Set upon glory
Pastures barren
For every hair on their heads
100 000 heads roll in the dust
Unleashed from the steppes
From heaven on high
Implacable vengeance
Of the great Khan
The brave join ranks
Royalty wrapped in carpets
Trampled by horses
One by one
Empires crumble to dust
Descendent of the gray wolf
Cast out of the tribal home
Thrown from steed into the afterlife
Universe ruler sunset to sunrise

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